• Language & discovery plus study visits to Cambridge.

  • Intensive training for teachers and educators. Study online or in the beautiful city of Cambridge, England.

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A first class service for learners, educators & universities

Mick Davies Education Ltd. exists to provide forward thinking and enterprising people in Higher Education around the world with the language skills, the teaching tools and the training they need to internationalise their teaching and learning, their staff and their students.

We create and manage the interfaces between universities and organisations through conferences, study tours, and project management services.

We deliver, through our CambridgeLearn platform an unmatched range of online bespoke training courses about teaching and  learning, and English Language programmes for academics and for students.

We resource, design and deliver face to face language and academic training packages in Cambridge, England or just about anywhere in the world.

Based in Cambridge, England, Mick Davies Education Ltd. engages a wide staff of innovators, researchers and exceptional teachers to provide our clients with an efficient and cost effective means to meet the needs of the globalised education challenges of tomorrow.

A hard working team with over ten years of working together, we work on a big scale. Our clients are universities and ministries of education across the planet, from Japan and Thailand to Chile and Brazil.

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