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About the programmes

The courses

The whole programme is of course taught in English, on the principle of ‘learning by doing’, and all tutors involved in the programme are as well as active academics, qualified TESOL teachers. The methodology used requires participants to communicate in verbal and written English in a variety of tasks related directly to their work and encouragement is given at all times to foster good practice in using English at all times.

Learning resources

We have a fully resourced Online Library with a dedicated subject tutor at their disposal, free advice sessions for all aspects of English learning and the full range of university learning facilities including a Virtual Learning Environment which is available for three months after the course at no extra cost.


Programmes are modular and run from 1 to 4weeks in duration. The majority of programmes are 5 hours in length and are usually combined at two or three per week combined with 15 hours of language classes. This flexibility enables us to provide exactly what each institution needs.

Any module listed below can be ‘stretched’ or ‘shrunk’ according to the needs of a particular institution.

Part of an academic’s personal journey of improvement

We treat our courses as developmental.  Great emphasis is placed on reflection and evaluation, discussion and feedback. We recognise that successful teaching programmes work best through group and teamwork, and our delivery, while very intensive, allows for time when the participants can work together to understand, evaluate and apply the theoretical input to their context.

We conduct pre departure analysis in the home country which is critical for our programme leaders to understand the day to day situation and needs of our clients.  The management of the course is also collaborative between the client and Mick Davies Education.


The Teacher training courses in Cambridge are practical and taught through communicative-based interactive tasks (such as tutor demonstration, participant/observation and micro-teaching using video recording, slow motion capture, tutorials and actual teaching of language students as well as observation of our language teachers with pre and post analysis) which then translate into practical applications by the participants themselves. Time is set aside each day for supervised study for them to absorb, consolidate and analyse the course content.

Regular practical classes enable teachers to transfer the knowledge from the theories as they devote time in groups and individually to plan, deliver and evaluate their English based lessons. Regular observations of our own teaching and lecturing provide practical experience in observing and evaluating lessons and giving practical feedback and add to a practitioner’s own range of skills.