Techniques & Professional Development


Presentation Skills

  • Selection of materials
  • Structures
  • Producing notes and hand outs
  • Power point
  • Working with technology
  • Pace and tempo
  • Interaction
  • Concept checks
5 hours

Micro Skills

  • Presence
  • Use of space and disposition
  • Eye contact
  • Modulation and projection
  • Gesture and gesticulation
  • Working with your technology
5 hours

Preparing for teaching in English

  • A New-to-Teaching Toolkit
  • A guide to the Learning and teaching resources on the Higher Education Academy web pages
5 hours

Lecture techniques in English

  • Effective structuring of your lecture
  • Using Critical Thinking and thinking skills in your teaching
  • XXIst Century learning scenarios – how to deal with the new generation of students
5 hours

Teaching in small group situations

  • Cognition and learning in social contexts
  • Group management strategies
  • Engagement
  • Reflexivity
  • The power of discussion
  • Dynamics and reflection
5 hours

Teaching in large group situations

  • Preparations
  • Using Aims & Objectives to set the learning context
  • Differentiation of the audience
  • Interaction – old vs new technologies
  • Extension activities
  • Not just lectures – all large group teaching contexts.
5 hours

Feedback(Enhancing Learning through Formative Assessment and Feedback)

  • Is YOUR feedback fit for purpose?
  • The various forms that feedback
  • What students want from feedback
  • What makes feedback effective
  • Strategies to give quality feedback in a timely manner
  • How feedback helps students take action to improve their learning
  • Comments and level of detail is useful in feedback
  • Comments in English for others to read. Making sure students understand feedback
  • Forward-facing? Feedback
  • Using feedback to build motivation and self-esteem
  • Ensuring feedback reflects the assessment purpose and the grading criteria
  • What makes a good feedback sheet
  • Encouraging dialogue around feedback
  • Using self-and-peer-feedback to develop students’ skills of self-assessment
  • Technology enhanced feedback
  • References
  • Designing Feedback Templates with 10 UK examples
  • 10 Strategies for Timely Feedback
  • 10 Strategies to Engage Students with Feedback
  • 10 Ideas for Enhancing Feedback with Technology
I hour modules

Learning & Learning Theory

  • Considering the Kolb Learning Cycle
  • Introducing learning outcomes and Bloom’s taxonomy
  • The reflective learner and how to create them
3 hours

Tutorials and supervisions in English

  • Better Feedback to students
  • Candid conversations and good tutorials
2 hours


  • Types of assessment and their applications
  • The fundamentals of test design
  • Evaluating effectiveness
  • Matching curriculum to results
  • Effective ipsative assessment.
2 – 5 hours

Planning and designing interesting learning activities

  • Ways to add dynamics and ‘sparkle’ to academic teaching
  • Incorporating media
  • Dynamic and interactive learning

Using Technology

  • Finding, evaluating and integrating web resources for learning
  • Integrating technology into assessment Learning from screen
  • Module management
  • Plagiarism and how to prevent it in technology
  • Podcasting – a guide to using and creating podcasts
  • Using blogs in learning and teaching
  • Using images in learning and teaching
  • Design tips for learning and teaching
  • Using online discussion rooms
  • Using video in learning and teaching
  • Using wikis in learning and teaching
1 hour modules

Finding and using Open educational resources

  • Aims and evaluation of open sources
  • XXIst Century Learning
3 hours


  • Teaching Academic Honesty and encouraging Originality
  • Designing out plagiarism from student work
2 hours