English for Academics

Language improvement programmes by highly qualified Cambridge staff

Cambridge has an international reputation for the teaching of English, English as a Foreign Language, Linguistics and EFL teaching. The English language has been studied here in one form or another since 1584.

Our English language programmes are delivered face-to-face in Cambridge or online by our Cambridge qualified staff

The city is rich with talent and experience and commitment to excellent standards in Language teaching and research, a concentration you will find nowhere else in the world.

Dedicated, hand-picked staff with a wealth of experience

Our teachers, tutors and advisors are lecturers and researchers are experts in teaching English and in linguistics.  Mick Davies Education engages expertise from a wide range of departments from the region’s universities and collaborates with experts in Engineering, Science & Technology, Business, Management, Arts and the Social Sciences in order to provide a fully accurate representation of the current teaching and learning methodologies in those disciplines.

We draw on a very close relationship with Research units and other support units of the best of our region’s universities to provide an impressive portfolio of international commercial services offering highly relevant and effective training for our outside partners. We bring in experts from Cambridge University, Anglia Ruskin, Northampton, East Anglia, University of London and the Open University.

Mick Davies has carried out large scale projects with the Ministries of Education of Thailand, China, Vietnam, Colombia and Ecuador and short language courses with teachers from numerous university partners in Korea, Russia and Japan.  This expertise is now commercially available.