Training & Professional Development

Practical programmes to address the needs of the internationalising university

The modern university teacher needs to be confident with a range of methods, techniques and materials to teach English in different contexts and needs to make informed decisions about what techniques and applications are appropriate for the aims and objectives of their programmes. Trainees graduating from our programmes are well equipped to adapt to changing circumstances and demands on his or her profession.

We work with our clients to ensure that each course is uniquely designed to their needs and their outcomes.

Exacting standards

The Higher Education Academy of Great Britain is the benchmark of teaching and learning in universities in the United Kingdom and its standards, adapted to an international workforce assure our quality. All trainers on our programmes have extensive experience of university tutoring and course management and in the implementation of teaching and learning strategies in their universities.

Partnership in professional development

All committed departments realise that training is development.

We take time to find out about our clients, where they are in their professional development and where they would like to be.

We ensure that careful needs assessment and planning happens well before the course begins. Uniquely, we also follow up at 3 and 6 month points after the training, to see how effective the programme was, and if it is working.

We know that we work best when we work together. The language teaching team takes a collaborative, partnership approach to its teaching; we consider our teachers as guests and as colleagues.

Designed for the modern teacher

Our courses  for academics consists of input stages including study materials live and video demonstrations, and output stages involving analysis of performance through evaluation of live and recorded presentations, discussions, individual and group work phases, collaborative and individual learning.

Each course has specific outcomes which are built around careful needs analysis of each specific group.

Each programme gives participants a series of workable tools to improve the teaching of academic subjects in English. Our courses are a combination of recent academic theory and sound principles of practice which will have a direct and immediate and positive effect on the client’s teaching and learning.

Each will provide an overview of current methodologies and an evaluation of established practice, using critiques and analysis based on research and data. This provides teachers with the academic view.

A unique location and an unparalleled opportunity

Cambridge, England is the ideal location for teacher development courses. It has two of the world’s leading education and publishing organisations, Cambridge English and Cambridge Assessment. It is home to world class faculties at two universities with leading experts in linguistics, in teacher training for ESOL and in teaching foreign languages.

The teaching style at Cambridge, known as the tutorial or supervision system, has been admired since the 15th Century. It forms the basis for our instructional style and so our clients experience it themselves as students.