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Education Services, Partnership & Education Project Management

We listen to your problems. We discuss the answers. We find the best people to help you. We maintain those links for you and see your projects through to their completion.

The United Kingdom is a world leader in education.  It has a continuous history of school excellence going back to the 10th Century. We have robust regulatory systems, innovative and effective school management systems, excellent training and leadership and efficient organisation in all levels of education.

Around the world, Governments are transforming and advancing their systems of education and increasingly seek out global solutions to their problems. Increasingly they are looking for ideas from the United Kingdom.

The challenge is knowing where to look!

We help educators to solve this problem. Mick Davies has two decades of experience in evaluating, analysing and designing   large and complex education projects, often across multiple countries. Mick Davies Education exists to identify the needs of your education system and connect you to the right people to find solutions economically and efficiently.

We will work with you to identify needs and arrange the simplest and most effective training solutions, drawing on experts and advisers in our team and in Cambridge. Our greatest resource are our advisers and partners, and collectively the Education Services, Partnership and Project Management team know how to manage the delivery of all the services involved.

We listen clients to understand and prioritise their needs and to respond with the best solutions to meet their particular circumstances. We do not bring a template. Our approach is: What does the client want? How can we best address that?

We then allocate the best team to make it work. We are proud of the teams we put together and of the results they achieve.

Three modes of operation

Intensive training for teachers & educators  in Cambridge.

System to system training in your country.

Intensive training for trainers, managers & educators online.

Training & Professional Development, and large-scale Project Management.

Professional development programmes to improve academic management, standards and quality in all aspects of teaching.

English Improvement, Methodology & Study Visits for Teachers.

Programmes which improve the language skills of academic staff  and teachers around the world.