Examples of Services for Teachers of English


Project type



Teacher Knowledge Test courses

4-week preparatory courses leading to the Cambridge TKT tests for experienced and active teachers of B1 level or above. Cambridge or agreed delivery points in country.

Starting teaching: the basics

Intensive training courses in the fundamental principles of effective language teaching, classroom management and using a syllabus and materials to maximise potential for learning. 50% online with 50% face to face component delivered in country or in Cambridge.

In service teacher training

Teaching experts observe teaching and learning and provide support and guidance in curriculum improvement. Delivered in the participating schools or in regional authority areas or cities.

Study groups to Cambridge

Includes visits to schools, meeting with UK teachers, a full range of cultural events, language improvement and methodology. In Cambridge, residential at the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University buildings.

Raising the standard of Foreign Teachers in schools

Recruitment, essential training and preparation for life in your country for teaching assistants and teachers intending to work in state schools, colleges and universities. EFL intensive course with cultural orientation and teaching assistant programme.

Improving teaching performance

A selection of pedagogical and management courses designed to improve the performance and professional skills of experienced teachers and those seeking to move into higher levels of school organisations such as heads of department, and curriculum or teacher training. Online short courses with needs analysis and exit test and report and certification.