For Learners

Language, discovery & study visits to Cambridge

These programmes are designed for adventurous, global people. They are much more than just a language course. We provide programmes of combined study – language and academic subjects or vocational programmes.

The United Kingdom is your classroom. We understand this, and this is what makes Mick Davies education different. We provide daily education activities with staff who are chosen for their passion for the subject. So whether you are here to learn how to play football in English, or master your international law skills, you will work with people who are passionate believers in their subject.

Accommodation can be either in a homestay, in a traditional Cambridge University College, or in hotels. There is something for everyone.

We are sorry, but for 2014 we can provide for closed groups of 8 or more students only travelling together.

Our courses

In a normal course, half the programme is made of English language classes and the other half is a particular subject: we provide programmes in Business, Law, Engineering, Science, Music, Art History, Maths, Politics, Philosophy, International Relations, Football and Tourism, Hospitality and Travel.

We can also provide special courses in things like intensive IELTS preparation or specialist English programmes. Just email us if you have a special requirement.

Most courses have 25 contact hours per week (each ‘academic hour’ is 50 minutes with a ten-minute break). Every course has a Virtual Leaning Environment full of extra activities to do, from before you arrive until a long time after you have left.

You will receive a certificate at the end of your programme from us, and a description of your level and the course you studied, with a link to our website that explains the curriculum you studied that you can show to your employers or your college or school.

Some of the programmes we offer for groups coming to the UK

Experience Science in the place where it happened – see the descendent of Newton’s Apple Tree, Darwin’s personal collections, The rocks used to discover the age of the earth, the very first computer, the place where the atom was understood, the place where DNA was announced to the world.
Visit the key galleries and see for yourself some of the most important artworks in the world. Discover the forces behind 20th Century Art, eat Marinetti’s Futuristic dinner, understand the place and purpose of Art in our society and make guesses about the future.
Understand sound and technology, or understand performance and the history of 20th Century music. Experience and be inspired by visits to where it all happened, and concerts and performances in the city and in London.
Discover the amazing story of business and discover London and the same time. On visits to the capital you will see where the major forces of the world today were created – international trade, the rules that govern business today. Hold a gold ingot, and learn its terrible history, see the chair in which Karl Marx wrote the book that changed the world.
Visit the main tourist destinations in the UK and talk to the people who make them work. Find out from the experts in how to make tourism your career, and have fun at the same time. 25 hours of Tourism & Hospitality teaching combined with study tours of Scotland, of London (including a  school visit to Madame Toussaud’s), learn about ‘dark’ tourism,  go on an eco-tour of a forest, learn to cook Italian food from expert chefs, manage a tourist event, guide, present and create your own tours of one of the world’s most famous cities.

Our teachers

We combine excellent teaching of English with teaching of specialist subjects, in English. We employ University teachers, researchers and tutors who will make your specialist subject come alive in engaging and exciting lessons in one of the most famous university cities in the world.

We don’t believe you can separate language from the culture of the people who speak it so we provide fantastic educational visits, excursions and cultural activities to maximise your opportunities to understand and improve.

We are experts in teaching English and apply the latest in teaching and learning technologies to support out traditional classroom teaching through our learning platform, CambridgeLearn. We teach in small classes and give you lots of homework.

Our activities

We have two sorts of activities. We have educational visits, where you will go to businesses, museums, university departments or schools with an expert, and we also have social activities, like football, punting, cycling, barbecues, music festivals, cookery schools, music nights and so on with a trained staff. All our support staff and guides are fully trained, including first aid.

Our activity leaders and tour directors are fully-trained professionals, informed about their activities.

At the weekends and on Wednesdays, we take our groups to places like London or Bath & Stonehenge. We can also fly you to Scotland overnight or Paris if your group wants!

When we plan your course with your group, we will ask you to choose from a range of options of what you would like to include in your course.

Our location

People have been coming to Cambridge to study for over 800 years.. It is home to two universities: the University of Cambridge which is among the top three in the world, and Anglia Ruskin University which traces its origins back to 1858 when the artist and architect John Ruskin opened the Cambridge School of Art.

It is also the home of two major institutions, Cambridge English, and Cambridge Assessment which produce most of the teaching books for English, and many of the examinations of English in the world, including the IELTS test and the Certificate of Proficiency in English.

The city of Cambridge is one of the most dynamic and successful business communities; a city which is small enough to cross in one hour by bicycle and yet home to some of the most powerful corporations and research centres in the world.
It is also without question one of the most beautiful and most cultured cities in the world.