Example schedule for Study Tour

A typical schedule for a Cambridge Science & English Study tour.




Day 1

English for Science. (3 hours) Mick’s Walking tour of Cambridge. Formal dinner at a Cambridge University College.

Day 2

The very very small – Nano-technology, particles, atoms, Newton.
(3 hours)
English for Science. (2 Hours)

Meeting Cambridge Scientists: A chance to chat to some university students about their work.

International Student night – mix with people from all over the world.

Day 3

English for Science.
(3 Hours)
The very very large – studying the universe, Newton.
(2 hours)
University of Cambridge open lecture then Astronomy department for star observation.

Day 4

Genes & the secret of life.
(3 hours)
London Visit. Theatre night in London.

Day 5

Physics & Flight.
(3 hours)
Duxford Air Museum. Free time.


Trip to Bath & Stonehenge/London.
Football, horse-riding, punting, or traditional English tea at Grantchester, Cambridge.